Don't Wait to Grind Down Your Stumps

Schedule stump grinding services in Westwood, NJ

It's no secret that stumps can cause a wide range of problems around your property. They're tripping hazards that will attract pests and ruin your curb appeal as they start to rot. To prevent these problems, schedule stump grinding services from DHI Tree Services. You can count on our trained team in Westwood, NJ to grind your stumps down in no time.

Put our professional stump grinder to use today. Contact us to schedule efficient stump grinding services.

Get rid of pesky stumps in 3 simple steps

Scheduling stump removal services is easy for residents in Westwood, NJ. All you need to do is:

  • Tell us which stumps need to be removed
  • Accept our free estimate for your stump removal job
  • Set up an appointment with our trained stump grinder

Once we use the grinder to get rid of the stump, we'll leave the chips behind for you to use as mulch. We can also haul them off for an additional fee.

Take the first step today. Dial 201-697-1800 now to get a free estimate on our stump removal services.