Help Your Tree Reach Its Full Potential

Take advantage of our tree pruning services in Westwood, NJ

Many property owners know that their trees need to be trimmed, but they forget that tree pruning is just as important. Cutting away dead branches will allow your tree to grow back even stronger. If your tree's growth has been stunted, turn to DHI Tree Services for tree pruning services. We'll bring the necessary tools to cut back overgrowth safely.

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Find out how pruning protects your tree

Residential or commercial tree pruning is a great way to improve a tree's overall health. By removing dead and overgrown branches, you'll:

  • Allow more sunlight and water to get to the base of your tree
  • Provide more room for healthy regrowth to take place
  • Prevent disease from taking root in your tree and killing it

To take advantage of our tree pruning services, speak with a member of our staff ASAP.