Say Goodbye to Hazardous Trees in Your Yard

Careful tree removal services are just a phone call away in Westwood, NJ

Any tree that puts your family or property at risk needs to be removed. That's where DHI Tree Services comes in. If your tree in Westwood, NJ is dead, diseased or damaged, turn to us for safe tree removal services. We'll use a crane to complete large tree removal tasks and clean up your yard so it looks like we were never there.

Stop stressing about dangerous trees - dial 201-697-1800 now to hire our trained tree removal team.

Ask us to remove trees of all sizes

Trees don't have to be hazardous to be removed. We offer a wide range of tree removal services for all kinds of reasons.

Hire us to safely cut up and haul off any tree that:

  • Fell in your yard
  • Is in the way of construction
  • Blocks sunlight where you need it

Whether you need to get rid of a tree that's dangerous or just a nuisance, hire our large tree removal experts today.