Leave Your Tree Care to a Trained Team

Proudly providing tree services in Westwood, NJ

Tree care isn't a task that most property owners can do themselves. It requires years of training and the right tools to complete safely. Luckily, dependable professionals are just a phone call away. For over 13 years, DHI Tree Services has been a leading provider of tree care services for homeowners and business owners throughout the Westwood, NJ area.

Whether you need tree trimming or removal services, we're the right crew for the job. Call 201-697-1800 now to tell us which tree services you need.

Why hire us?

As a property owner, it's important to have a team you can trust to provide tree services any time of the year. That's why so many people in Westwood, NJ rely on us.

You'll love that we:

Have over 30 years of experience providing a wide range of efficient and safe tree care services

Use top-of-the-line equipment like stump grinders, tree climbing tools and a crane for all jobs

Clean up tree debris after every job to leave our sites looking better than we found them